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March 19, 2007- August 5, 2014
The Justin.tv website, mobile apps, and APIs are no longer in service.
Information On Justin.tv en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justin.tv.

Justin.tv was a website created by Justin Kan, Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel and Kyle Vogt in 2007 that allowed anyone to broadcast video online. Justin.tv user accounts were called "channels", like those on YouTube, and users were encouraged to broadcast a wide variety of user-generated live video content, called "broadcasts".
The company was an Internet startup based in San Francisco, California, with seed funding from Paul Graham of seed capital firm Y Combinator and Series A funding with Alsop Louie Partners and Draper Associates.
The original Justin.tv was a single channel featuring founder Justin Kan, who broadcast his life 24/7 and popularized the term lifecasting. In 2007, Justin Kan stopped broadcasting and Justin.tv relaunched into its later form as a network of thousands of various channels.
Users were permitted to broadcast to an unlimited number of people for free, and watching broadcasts did not require user registration. Broadcasts that were considered to contain potentially offensive content were available only to registered users over the age of 18. Broadcasts containing defamation, pornography, copyright violations, or encouraging criminal conduct were prohibited by Justin.tv's terms of service.
On February 10, 2014, Twitch.tv's and Justin.tv's parent company was rebranded as Twitch Interactive. On August 5th, 2014, Justin.tv was officially shut down so that the company could focus on Twitch.

Why is Justin.tv being shut down?
Justin.tv pioneered live video on the Internet and spawned one of the largest video platforms ever: Twitch. Justin.tv was officially renamed Twitch Interactive Inc. in February of 2014 and Twitch is now the focus of the company's resources. Unfortunately that means we need to shut down Justin.tv. We thank all of our broadcasters and viewers for 7 years of live video memories.
What will happen to my account?
Your account is now closed, and you will be unable to access any settings or content. If you used your justin.tv account to login to Twitch, the account will still work on Twitch; however, we encourage you to complete this form to have your account transferred to Twitch for full site use. Request to transfer account must be received by Friday, September 5, 2014. Please be reminded today, Twitch is a site for gaming-related content only. Refer to the Twitch TOS for more info on content guidelines. For more information on transferring your account to Twitch, see below.
Can I retrieve my videos?
Unfortunately, videos on Justin.tv are no longer accessible for download. Video archiving and VODs were removed on June 15, 2014.
I'm an active Pro Account User, will I be refunded?
Yes. You should have already received an email communicating the cancellation and refund process.
Will the mobile apps, APIs, broadcast tool, or any other components of the site work?
Where can I broadcast now?
If you are interested in broadcasting any video game, or gaming-related content, please check out Twitch.tv. For other types of content, there are a number of live sites still out there who support live video broadcasting: YouTube, Ustream and Livestream, for instance.
I have a JTV account, can I transfer it to Twitch?
To move your account to Twitch, please submit your name to this form. We will move your account within 72 hours. Request to transfer account must be received on or before Friday, September 5, 2014.
What information will be transferred?
You will keep your username and email address associated with your account.
Your account will be disconnected from Facebook (if currently connected). You can reconnect once your account is on Twitch.
You will continue to follow any Twitch channel you are currently following.
Any channel you followed on JTV will NOT appear on your Twitch following list, unless that channel is also transferred to Twitch.
You will NOT keep your JTV followers, unless your followers also transfer to Twitch.
VODs will not be transferred to Twitch.
I purchased Turbo or a channel subscription on Twitch with my Justin.tv account. Now what?
We have already moved your account to Twitch!...

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